Issues with FilletEdge command

I thought I had avoided all of the conditions where FilletEdge struggles.

Today, it is working on one part of an object but not on the other.

Here is a short video clip showing my settings and the issue. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi MIke- please post a file with that object, I’ll take a look.


Thanks for replying. Can I send the file privately rather than publicly?

Hi Mike - I do not need the whole file, just the part that is not working - send to, to my attention, with a link back here in your comments.


Hi Mike the object that does not work is split into two surfaces right at the 7 cm distance for the fillet - thus the lower face is entirely consumed by the filleting - this does not work. You need to untrim and retrim the upper part of this so that it is all one surface there:


Greetings Pascal,

Thank you for your fast and helpful answer!

I tried reducing the fillet to 6mm so that it occurs below that line and it seems to work fine.

Thanks for saving me more grey hair and higher blood pressure!

Thanks and stay safe,