Issues with dimensions and text in Rhino 5 (but the same Grasshopper document in Rhino 6 is perfectly fine)


I have a two views that I would like to Draft on to a seperate page.
All the generated geometries, text and dimensions are created in Grasshopper, nothing is done in Rhino.

However I get different results in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.

This is my draft in Rhino 6, as I intended it.

And this is the same Grasshopper document in a Rhino 5 draft (with grey background)
Note that the actual viewports are similar to what you can see on the picture in Rhino 6. However, whenever I want to create a new page/draft. This stuff happens with my text and dimensions.

Adjusting the dimension size for the draft in Rhino 5 doesn’t give what I want, because the might be ok then but then the arrows of the dimensions are so small u can’t even see them.

Are Grasshopper dimensions handled differently in Rhino 5 vs Rhino 6?

Rhino 5 Draft.3dm (19.8 KB)
Rhino 6 Draft.3dm (34.4 KB)
Grasshopper (359.5 KB)

Hello - I see there is a difference, and V6 does handle annotations differently than V5 so I am not sure there is a solution here - but I’d ask on the GH forum -


Thanks, I’ve changed the forum tag.

I’ll look at this as soon as I have some free time, but there shouldn’t be functional differences to the Grasshopper code. However there have been major differences in the way Rhino itself draws text in Rhino6 compared to previous versions, so it may be a bug was introduced that way.

However it sounds as though your problem is with Rhino5? If that’s the case you’re out of luck, because we’re no longer releasing updates to either Rhino5 or Grasshopper 0.9. Only bugs in Rhino 6.x and Grasshopper 1.0 can be fixed and distributed at this point.

Yes, definitely Rhino 5.
The ordinary viewports display dimensions and text properly in both Rhino 5 and 6, but the issue occurs when drafting in Rhino 5.

Guess, I’ll have to force my company to upgrade to 6 :wink: .