Issues with Boolean Difference

I’m trying to Boolean Difference some pipes in my solid but it just won’t work, I tried everything and It just fails everytime.

Can someone help me figure out why so I can finally finish my project? Thanks In advance.
(Sorry for my broken english.)

Nintendo.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hello - can you please post a file that has just the objects you’re asking about?


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Hey there. The surface is in the pink layer and the pipes are in the green one.Surface4.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hello - well, rule number one of Boolean Failure is to isolate the objects and run Intersect on them, then inspect the curves that result. The curves need to be such that you could trim all the input surfaces with them if you wanted - here this is clearly not the case;

Ideally Boolean operations get closed, intersecting objects as input - two boxes say - here, you have multiple objects some not joined and certainly not closed:


I’d shoot for cleaning that up make sure you have cleanly interecting closed objects - or, use Trim and Split and Join to get the results.


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