Issues with 3D printing stringing and adhesion on CURA

Hi I made some designs in rhino and I am looking for the optimal settings on cura. I have had some issues with stringing and adhesion and was hoping somebody could assist with the optimal settings to 3d print.

Thank you.

Cura has it s own forum here

there are really a lot of great resources regarding 3d printing and errors.

stringing - reduce extruder temperature and / or increase retraction
adhesion - use ABS-Milk, Tape, Glue-Stick and / or increase PrintBed-temperature, first Layer settings,
also cooling / Fan speed and opening / closing the print volume have influence. (different shrinkage, less force on the first layer)

for more infos check resources above and if you can t get it fixed post on the cura-forum - including a photo.

hope this helps - kind regards -tom