Issues printing rendered Front view

HelloSKMBT_C36415100111150.pdf (1.3 MB)

I am currently trialling Rhino for Mac for the company I work for and so far have found it really useful. However it has come to printing some design drawings to show to a client and I am having trouble. The previews on screen all look fine but then the image comes out of the printer with lots of glitches.

We are just about ready to purchase the full license and have put my request through our finance team, however we need to know that the print outs will not look like the attached. Is this something I am doing in the file? or a bug within the software?

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Emma, could you please provide your original .3dm file? You could send it to, too and we will look into it.

Thanks, Verena

sorry the file is quite big, this makes me think it is something I have done in the file that I cannot see. Every thing looks ok until I save to Pdf, or print.

Thank you

Lush Family Rendered (19.6 MB),

UPDATE 2: Spoke to Soon
The new file has printed the same with glitches. It seems to only glitch once dimensions and text have been added

I have re drawn all items in a new file and they have printed fine! must be something corrupt or not co-operating in the original version.