Issues in Layers

Hi, I have been watching the videos on Rhino 5… but the layers section seemed very glossed over. It does not seem to behave like he says it does in Photoshop. For instance, in photoshop I can make a circle in a layer and then in another layer draw something that fits in that circle. Then when everything is centered I can flatten the 2 layers and end up with on layer where the lines are all one drawing. This easily prints to pdf and then to the laser which cuts out the shape of the circle and other pieces. Can one, in Rhino 5, merge 2 layers into one layer where lines that then overlap become one?

2nd. I draw a circle in photoshop in one layer. Then I can use the rectangle tool to go over part of that circle… hit delete and that part of the circle disappears… great. Can I do this in Rhino 5… please help


Rhino is not like Photoshop in the sense that pixels can get merged. There are multiple editing tools like split, trim, explode and join that let you do what you describe, although not in the way Photoshop does it.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will ck out these commands.

Thx Ve Ann

You’ll really want to check out the Curveboolean command. This will cleanup/create new planar geometry on the current layer. Select geometry, try out the different options in the command line, then click and see the preview of what will be created. Think of it like flooding closed shapes. Anything closed and the flood will not go past/into/out of it. You can click on mutiple areas to create multiple overlaps.
Actually the PS analogy would be the magic wand tool, clicking on a solid color area selects all of that area. Selection stops where the color changes.