Issues Creating STL for Shapeways


I have been making models for shapeways for a few months. Lately I have been experimenting with new sprue designs to cut down on costs. I found a new plate style sprue that cut my proce in half and made one model successfully.

I am working on the second model and I keep running in to issues

Shapeways keeps flagging the mesh as

  • Model failed during repair.
  • Model is not manifold.

I followed the instructions I found on


Using ShewEdges does not highlight any naked edges.

Here is a link to a test file of the design

you will find the the original solid as groups, then the original as booleaned solid, then the whole sprue and cluster separate, then boolean, then finally converted to a mesh.

What am I missing?

the original nurb model have some trimming problems.

if you extract the surface and use DupBorder you can run _CurvatureGraph to check and find the issue

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thank you Ill take a look