Issues creating dxf/dwg from 3dm

I am having issues saving/exporting 3dm as dxf/dwg. The 3dm have two layers, one for cutting, one for marking/engraving

when I export/save as dxf/dwg, the edge (cutting) geometry changes dramatically and my marking/engraving layer no longer register on cutting shape

I have tried a variety of autocad formats/versions but have same problem in all


IN2_114 grouped.dwg (16.8 KB) IN2_114 grouped.3dm (257.6 KB)

Can you post a sample file?


Is this closer to what you expect?IN2_114 grouped-djn.dwg (39.6 KB)

I think you will find it works correctly if you check the ‘Chord Heigth’ option in the AutuCadExportScheme.

The CAM Metric and CAM Imperial (mm and inch) named export schemes were created specifically for this reason. They may not be perfect but you can modify them to dial it in more closely if you need to.

Good luck

the cut/scribe layer registers better but shape is still distorted, in rhino I used command and got a much better result exported as dxf Autocad R12 lines and arcs, lost text though