Issue with "ViewCaptureToFile"

So I have a plugin I have written which seems to be interfering with the VCTF command. It used to work, but I don’t know when it stopped. My plugin does use display conduits, so I am guessing something I am doing is causing an issue. ViewCaptureToClipboard also doesn’t work. By doesn’t work, I mean if you type the command, the option window does not pop up, nor does anything happen at all. I tried shrinking the viewport to verify it wasn’t memory overhead, and this behavior is in ALL view modes.

If I capture bitmaps via rhinocommon, it works fine, this behavior is only with the command line call.

Worst part, this behavior is intermittent:

If I open a clean file, run VCTF, it works.
If I load my plugin, run VCTF, it works.
Depending on the state of action my plugin is at (and this plugin has full and complex serialization behavior), if I save and reopen, it may or may not work.

Based on this, I think something I am doing is causing the problem. To try and find out where, I did observe that if I place a breakpoint in PreDrawObject handler, VCTF will hit this. But that is all I found out. Are there other events I could check? PreDraw is the main one I use for most things. I also notice that it fired “Command.UndoRedo” (I override this as well).

Any potential actions I could do that might cause it to work poorly?

Hi @wesmcgee,

Is is possible you to provide us some sample code, what we can debug here, that is not working for you?


– Dale