Issue with ShapeDiver embedding in Wix

Hi all

I have encountered an issue with embedding my shapediver model (InterimModelTEST | ShapeDiver). I copy pasted the iframe in the wix page, while the UI showed up, the model itself didn’t show up. I have enabled embedding on this model as well as added the domain for the wix site as well, but it doesn’t seem to help. I have attached an SS on how the embedding looks like as of now, its just an empty UI.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Profile Link: ShapeDiver

Could you check if the browser console reports any errors? You can do that in Chrome for example by right-clicking on the parameters panel > Inspect > Console tab and check any message displayed in red.

Hi thank you for your response, i took a screenshot of the console on the page as below

Are you able to provide a link to the website where embedding fails? There is a similar issue currently running in another forum post: ShapeDiver iFrame wix website

My guess is that you are listing the wrong domain, it is possible that wix uses a different domain than the top one for embedding iframes. Let me know which domains you have embedded and ideally a link to the website (or a test version of the website).

I investigated the issue a little further and suggest you try the fix I provided here:

Hi, sorry for the the absence. But i have tried with a dummy website that has the generic wix domain and it works fine. But when i tried it with my own custom domain it does not work at all. This is the dummy website

this is the website for the custom domain

Here are the domains which i have included as per the solution for that post

but the problem still persist on my end.