Issue with screensharing a popped-out viewport over ZOOM

OK, so I’ve come across this issue when screensharing a popped-out Rhino viewport over ZOOM that is getting annoying.

As is everyone these days, I am doing a lot of meetings over Zoom and I want to swivel around a model with my team or my client. For presentation purposes, I prefer to pop out the viewport and maximize it on the screen I am sharing, while on the other screen, I am controlling layers, snapshots, and saved views. It’s just all-around better to avoid sharing the visually distracting Rhino UI with non-techies.

Here’s the problem: When the maximized popped out viewport is being shared, as soon as I try to use any of the Zoom controls (such as Annotate), the viewport is hidden until I click on the main Rhino Interface.

Steps to reproduce on a double monitor set-up:
Open Rhino 6 or 7 on your left screen
pop-out a viewport, drag it to your right screen, and maximize it
Start a Zoom meeting with yourself and share your right screen.
Attempt to annotate on top of your popped out viewport.

Other observations:
-This problem persists even if the viewport is not maximized.
-Zoom allows the user to select a specific application to share, not your entire screen. While each instance of Rhino is listed as applications to share, the popped-out viewport is not.

Any thoughts on how to make this work more smoothly?

Hi Ryan, does this help?:

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What he said

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That works, thanks!