Issue with Query Elements in Cluster

I come across an issue when I do cluster Rhino.Inside element…code is not performed…

I tried to solve the issue by connecting the trigger to the cluster but it does not help…

how to run an update/refresh to Query Elements component from outside cluster?

Does Solution > Recompute help?

I can not test as I use Player in one instance, the second instance is after running the simulation model so it takes a few hours so I can not recomute everything

Can you do a simpler test without all the logic you mention?

Just to know where the problem is.
An other test you may do is query the active document outside the cluster an plug it in the Query Elements, to see if this fires the cluster up.

I also have a problem with updating, everything works outside of a cluster but in a cluster it causes problems and I was only able to solve it like this but I always have to “recompute” something to change which is annoying but at least something happens.

if I put the node “curve element” outside and link it, the update works automatically but inside I need the trigger and have to recompute