Issue with Project Component

Hi, I am trying to nest some parts for CNC routing. I have closed planar polylines that show an error when I try to use the opennest project component.

The error is “1. Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

I am using the latest version of opennest and I have successfully used the component with other curves that I made manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated.’

opennestcurves.3dm (36.4 KB) (8.3 KB)

That error is a little strange but the "project polyline component” only wants polylines (line segments, no arcs/splines/etc.)

hmm, interesting, thanks for solving that one for me.

I tried another version where I divided the curves by Curve Length/10 and then made polylines from that list of points but it returned the same error. Maybe there is some threshold for number of polyline segments as well.