Issue with picture

last drawing i did with r6
i had 1 picture horizontal 1 picture vertical seperate layers , locked. pos 0 z
i put in at same positions but format a bit different
1 picture horizontal 1 vertical seperate layers again
it seemed all ok
when at a later time opening the drawing again (after saving)
the vertical pictures were a sort of melted or anyway only the last picture i had put in was showing on both the vertical layers ! distorted also as it has taken the size of the first picture.(and that was gone)
i could not fix it had to put in new pictures , and delete the latest i had put in had to work on it so did not retry it , anyone has this problem before ?

Hello - this sounds ugly - are the images in the re-opened file showing as textures on the objects that do not show them?


ye it was ugly , uhmmm as textures ? it were loose images to overdraw, i
will try to get it in a file for you , all images had a unique name and
a layer , maybe it can be reproduced, i tried but not suceed, the file
is to big to mail 16mb , will try some more see if i can reproduce it



Hi Rob - if you can repeat it, I probably do not need the whole file, if you can export the planes that did not show the images and some that did, to a new file, and verify that it still looks wrong, that will be enough to get started with.



sorry till now i can not repeat the error, it works out ok, if it does
not ill let you know

must be a sort of glitch