Issue with multiple trimmed surfaces

BTW: I was talking on that with my top IT in the practice:

Guru of gurus said;

  1. You should accept Meshes as well and provide an option for B>M and M>B auto conversion as well.
  2. You should provide an override option for that reflections (the recursion limit) parameter: i.e. continue - per ray - until no bounce is found. Plus rename that parameter.
  3. You should add Mode 3: do only Refractions (or forced - when inside - reflections).
  4. You should use only Huan Valdez (for the espresso part of the story).
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Hi Peter, is there any way I can get in touch with you directly? I need some advice for my acoustic custom component

Just want to say thank you, Peter.

vs $12k for a Photopia licence, this will get the job done. And incentivise me to start looking at C# in GH.


Hi @PeterFotiadis , as mentioned by others, thank you for sharing this C# Reflections/Refractions component. It works like a charm.

I want to extent your work by adding 2 extra emiterMode’s, both acting as a pin-spot light source.

  1. where you have an emitter as single point and a value to set a beam angle of 120 degrees. So not as parallel light-rays, but rays being emitted for a single source
  2. an emitter as point and a given point list as extra input. So as the emitter moves along the track, these points are fixed, and the rays are the lines connecting the emitter point to these points

I was hoping optimistically that ChatGPT would just offer me the solution as i am not familiar with C#. It seems basic and simple and … Well … me posting here is the proof how successful that turned out :wink:

Would be super grateful if you could spare some time to extend your initial code to implement this, would make my day.

Well … 4 years is a BIG amount of time: I can barely remember what I did (not to mention why). But the Guru of (Gurus of (Gurus)) maybe can recall the case.

I’ll try this w/e to dig in into this ancient C# and add this (and that) - and maybe a super cool laser effect thing.

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You are talking about C# as a whole? If so … it is as simple as martial arts are: the only thing required is 20++ years of training.

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