Issue with Loadable Families When Importing DWGs from Revit to Rhino


We have recently encountered an issue when importing DWGs from Revit into Rhino. The “loadable families” are not showing up as they should. Interestingly, when opening the same file in AutoCAD, everything displays correctly.

We have conducted tests on different PCs and with various project files. In the example screenshot provided, I used an empty default Revit template with the default DWG settings. I created some dummy generic models and loaded a default door. As you can see, when exporting the DWG, all elements from the host model display correctly, but the loadable families from the linked model disappear.

We would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance you could provide in resolving this issue. Thank you in advance for your help.

Did you try posting this on an Autodesk forum?

Try checking the Export views and links as External Reference.

Thanks for the reply, Yes but it seems the issue is on the Rhino side, the dwg shows good in Illustrator or other DWG supporting software. Yes we can Export the External References but that is alot of worksessioning when you deal with multiple links and levels …

Below you can se that the dwg shows correctly in other software: