Issue with insert Rhino 7 to Revit 2020

I test Insert Rhino WIP file to Revit.

There are only basic cube show in Revit 2020.

Please check.

Hi Travis - is this a Rhino.Inside Revit question?

Hi @wim
No. I just Import 3dm file to Revit 2020.
Reference Instruction:

Which version of Rhino are you saving the .3dm file as? The instructions you linked call for V2.

Have tried opening the saved .3dm file in Rhino?

Hi @davidcockey
I saved as 3dm 7. I intent to try possibility of importing SubD model in file 3dm 7.

Hi Travis -
When a third party application has issues opening a 3dm file, you will have to contact the developers of that third party application. At this point, though, I would imagine that no third party application can read files in the Rhino 7 file format. You could try with a Rhino 6 file format.

Hi @wim
I saved as 3dm 6. this is result:

I aslo post in Revit forum. I just think Rhino 7 is new. Rhino Team should know this issue with Revit.

Hi -

I’d say that is pretty much as one would expect. SubD objects were only an experiment in Rhino 6 and not something that third party developers would spend time supporting.

Once the SDK for Rhino 7 is frozen, it will make more sense for other developers to look into supporting Rhino 7 files. But, for Revit, that is entirely up to Autodesk.

Until Autodesk adds SubD or equivalent to Revit’s native geometry types I would not expect Revit to import SubD geomerty directly.