Issue with FilletEdge

I made this model. After BooleanUnion it looks like this.

When I try to do FilletEdge, as more or less expected, because of these areas

the result looks like this. The resulting model has 12 holes in it.

I have had similar issues in the past with this small model.

In that case, after performing MergeAllFaces that took care of it.

I have tried MergeAllFaces on the new model, but that does not seem to work. What do I need to do to make FilletEdge work with my current model?

Maybe this can help.
Extrude the curves and then cut the surfaces.
fillet.3dm (4.2 MB)


MergeAllFaces only works with planar surfaces.

Thank you for spending time on this to help me.

Unfortunately this does not help since the model you created is not my model. I have no issue making the model you created and add fillets.

Thank you. I was kind of expecting to hear that. Bummer. That would have made life a lot easier.

I found a solution. It’s kind of a work around but I think it works fine. Here it is. Maybe others with similar issues can benefit.

I created a cylinder with a diameter .001 mm larger than the inside diameter of the ring.

Then I did a Boolean difference.

The result can now easily be filleted all around.

Hi Zews - if you extract (ExtractSrf) all the inner faces and join them then DupBorder, you can then use the curves to trim a complete cylinder surface and replace the ‘composite’ with that.