Issue with closing surface

I have an issue with closing geometry. I want this face (pic. rel.) to be planar but it’s not and i don’t know how to create this face.

Expected result:

PS-94.3dm (239.3 KB)

The edges around the opening are not on the same plane, so it cannot be closed with a planar surface.

If you look closely you’ll see that your geometry is slightly different from the one of the expected result.

Yes @nathanletwory, I realise that these points are not planar, and I try to get to know if there is any way to make them planar.

Sure, one way to do it is you could add a CPlane through the three points you want all fives points to lie on. Then ProjectToCplane two points to that new CPlane. Move the geometry you need to the projected points.

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88.3dm (246.6 KB)

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^^^ Quick & dirty.

If you need all planar surfaces for some reason, then you need to do some reconstruction. Here is the corner done this way using intersecting planes to determine the geometry. There are actually a number of different possibilities depending on which planes you decide to use…

PS-94x.3dm (1.9 MB)

There are however 5 other non-planar surfaces in the file (in tan color).

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Thanks a lot guys!