Issue with analyze volume

I have an issue with Analyze > Mass Properties > Volume.

I need the volume of the ring on the bottom of this image. I created this ring by first creating the shape of the ring flat, and then use “Flow along curve”.

When I try to do the analyze command on the object on the bottom, I get this error message.


I do not understand this error message and what to do about it to make the analyze command work. The help file did not give me additional information that helped me solve this.

As a work around I performed the Volume command on the flat object. This did give me a result. However, that result is not perfect as I created the flat object in such a way so there would be a slight overlap after the Flow along curve command to avoid having a gap.

We’ll need the 3dm file to figure out out.
My guess is it may have “non-manifold” edges.

Hello - my guess of the moment is the problem lies in the end caps being coincident. If there are end caps on the object, remove those ExtractSrf, then flow.


You could split the ring in half at the intersecting geometry at the top, then get a volume for each half and add together.

Hi John,

Here is the 3dm file.

A. Hegedus 02.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hello - the seam where the surface meet at the bottom are not lined up very well - you’ll need to explode and … clean up -