Issue: Userdata from linked block is copied to parent file unexpectedly

Hi there!

when I insert a model (fileA.3dm) as a linked block into a Rhino file (fileB.3dm), any userdata from fileA is copied to fileB after I save and close. In my case, a ‘document_id’ from fileA gets unexpectedly copied to fileB. please see steps below to reproduce.

Is there a way to prevent this effect? I hope you can help me out.


steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a new rhino document (fileA)

  2. insert fileB testelem.3dm (174.4 KB) containing docUserText/userstrings as a linked block
    (command “Insert” and select UpdateType ‘Linked’ and layerstyle “active”)

  3. safe fileA and close

  4. open fileA. DocumentUserText now shows userttext from linked block

Hi Tim - I see that, thanks.
RH-69050 Linked block adds documant data


This also occurs when attaching worksession files. If you have a file without any DocumentUserText, then worksession in a file with DocumentUserText, it will all get copied over. Then if you detach the worksession file, the DocumentUserText remains. I don’t think this should be the behavior of DocumentUserText because when we have so many different worksessions, it causes a cascade of DocumentUserText to be inserted into a model file that doesn’t use any of it.

Hi Jake - thanks, I added your comments to the bug track item.


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