Issue: surfaces built by railsweep are not usable

Hi, I use Rhino 5 for Mac. When I try to work with surfaces or solids built by railsweep, I cannot take them for further usage.
So it is not possible to trim them (by trimming it looks like a visualization error), I cannot explode them and the object-snap and all other functions (eg. like extracting edges) ignore the edges. Why?
Thank you very much for your help!


Can you post some screenshots and a 3dm file?

sorry, I forgot to say that the cross-section-curve has to be exploded into single lines and then I have to sweep each line for each other. Then it works. But why? It is so much more work and makes no sense. Another thing is that I cannot round the edges inside the sceenshot.
Do you see the unreal shadow near the sphere?

Can you post the 3dm file? You shouldn’t have to explode the cross-section crv.

To fillet all the edges the surfaces will need to be joined together. That may be the issue there.

railsweep_issue.3dm (295.4 KB)

in this case I didn´t explode the cross-section curve

I think you may have run the CreaseSplitting command at some point. Run it again and check the box to split along creases and then click done. Then try the Sweep1 again and you’ll get a polysrf like the attached. Then Trim both against each other>Join>FilletEdge
railsweep_issue_bjames.3dm (978.8 KB)

Yes, it works! It was a problem for so long time. I hope, it´s not saved somewhere within the rhino-settings and next time I will have the save problems. But it is good to know what is the reason.
Thank you so much!