Issue: Rhinocommon DimensionStyle.DrawForward Property cannot be set

Hi there!

according to the documentation I should be able to set the ‘DrawForward’ property of an annotiation style using the code below. However currently it only returns the current value.


import scriptcontext as sc

dimStyle = sc.doc.DimStyles.Find('TNM_ELEMENT_TAGS', True)

if dimStyle:
    dimStyle.DrawForward = False
    print dimStyle.DrawForward


How about this?

import scriptcontext as sc

old_style = sc.doc.DimStyles.Find('Test', True)
if old_style:
    print("Old value: {0}".format(old_style.DrawForward))
    new_style = old_style.Duplicate()
    new_style.DrawForward = not new_style.DrawForward
    if sc.doc.DimStyles.Modify(new_style, old_style.Id, True):
        style = sc.doc.DimStyles.Find('Test', True)
        if style:
            print("New value: {0}".format(old_style.DrawForward))

– Dale

Thank you @dale!