ISSUE: RH8 geometry glitch in polysurface

Hi There,

I have a polysurface that shows isocurves extended from the surface itself. Probably related to a “BooleanDifference” operation. The polycurves are not selectable. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

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polySurfaceGlitch.3dm (610.0 KB)

Hi Tim -

I’m not seeing that issue here with the file that you attached:


Hi @wim ,

thanks for your response. I have Isocurve display enabled in the display mode. When I disable this setting I also don’t see the effect

(@Martijn )

Yes, if I turn on show isocurves for flat surfaces in shaded, I see the same thing. Looks like a weird display glitch, the surfaces look OK to me.

Hi Tim -

I did look at the model in Wireframe mode with isocurves before posting, but apparently did that after I had run ShrinkTrimmedSrf. That seems to clear this up. If you have any steps to reproduce this behavior from scratch, please let us know.

Hi Tim - @timcastelijn don’t suppose you still have the pre-Boolean version of this, do you? There is some messiness here

Things do not seem to be aligned as I think you expected. There are tiny fragments of the surface with the extra isocurves in there - that is what you’re seeing, it’s not the long narrow faces - those are OK.


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Hi There @pascal (@wim),

I don’t have the pre-boolean Breps anymore. However, seeing your diagnose of the geometry fragments, I’ve implemented a new script method for generating the boolean Breps. That solved the issue.

Thanks for your help!