Issue joining 4 surfaces into a closed polysurface for STL

Ive tried all the commands such as join, joinEdge, etc. But I’m struggling to understand how to make these surfaces into a closed polysurface which can be converted into a good mesh with no naked edges. Any help would be much appreciated.
open srf.3dm (4.3 MB)

Hi @o.ismail
Well, there’s a few things to lok into. First of all, your object is tiny - the long edge (seen from the top) is just 0.16cm long, so this will get you in trouble with your tolerance of 0.001cm. Is it supposed to be this small?
Secondly, what you have are 4 surfaces with no thickness - virtual paper sheets, so to speak. If you need a closed polysurface, you’ll need to Join those 4 surfaces and use OffsetSrf to give them some thickness/volume. In this case, the surfaces are a bit too complex for the offset to give a clean result, so some manual trimming, splitting and extending surfaces is needed in order to be able to join it all into a closed polysurface. If all you need is a STL for eg. 3D print, I suggest you Join the 4 surfaces, use Mesh to turn them into a mesh and then use OffsetMesh to give it some thickness. This should give a closed mesh
HTH, Jakob

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