Issue in making parametric shading

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I am new with grasshopper, and I want to make a simple parametric building. Now I am stuck with building the shadings. I used the Evaluate Surfaces for the windows to find the upper vertices of the windows, and connect them together and extrude them. It worked for some of the windows, but it didn’t for some others. Would you please help me in solving this problem? I attach the file .

Helia Test Make the Parametric (375.9 KB)

Thanks for your consideration.
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Helia (23.9 KB)

Thanks a lot.
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I am creating the model, and I attached it to Honeybee. I changed some part of it, and now, it creates shading inside for one of the sides of the building. Would you please help me in solving it?
Helia Test (609.4 KB)