Issue importing DXF into Rhino from SketchUp LayOut

Dear Community,

I have run into an issue where I have been supplied a DXF from an engineer using Sketchup LayOut.

I dont know why - but when I open the DXF from them, there is nothing in the DXF apart from a long list of blocks -

when opening the DXF in a DXF viewer the information can be seen…

I have also now downloaded sketchup and have tried to export the original file from LayOut to a DXF myself - but still get the same result - a workspace with nothing in it, and a list of blocks of the individual parts of the drawing.

I have searched the web but not been able to find anything to help resolve the issue

I am now at a bit of a loss on how to get the information out of the drawings - any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


Look for a way to explode the blocks in SketchUp, although that may result in a file with a huge number of entities.

Hi @cdordoni , Many thanks -

In Sketchup / LayOut they are not shown as ‘blocks’ but rather just grouped sketches - even when ungrouping they still seem to come through as smaller block items.

In the end I had to managed to get an export from LayOut which worked, albeit lost a lot of ‘formating’ - which was selecting an option to * Export for SketchUp
Exports all entities to Model Space at current paper size. - though I would post here incase anyone comes up wit the same issue.