Issue: Hops component does not recalculate when path input is updated

I am trying to create some logic to choose which definition to use as a hops component. The problem is when i change path of the definition to use Hops component does not update unless I force recalculation by clicking middle button-> Enable

Hi @yurrrry. According to my tests, the hops component does seem to update itself when a new file path is passed into the Path input. Please see the video below.

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Hmm, is there a reason it automatically disconnects from in/outputs?

Hi @AndyPayne, thank you very much for testing!

I have opened the same definition where this problem was happening to share it and now it works perfectly🤔

Hi Adel, when the names of inputs and outputs are the same in different gh definitions that are used in hops component then the wires stay connected, but if they are different then the wires got deleted and do not restore if you switch hops component back to the original definition