Issue generating clean sections from meshes

Hi, I’m having a little problem generating a series of clean sections of a mesh model.

Issue 1 -

  1. The mesh model is a section of a town - the buildings and land surface have been joined together. (Separated Building and land are available on a different layer incase anyone downloads the file.)
  2. I added sides and a base to the undulating mesh surface using mesh edge lines, so i can generate sections with a closed loop.
  3. I am able to generate the sections using the mesh/plane intersection component. But
  4. The joined land and buildings mesh are not generated as a single line. See Image 1 highlighted areas where all buildings and land surface are as separate curves. I would like these to be single continuous curves only (as outlines; what you get when you use curve boolean command on rhino)
  5. I would also like them to be closed curves and the option to convert them into planarsurfaces/meshes.
    (I also intend to nest them and then laser cut them, although might decrease the section density for that.)


Issue 2 -

  1. I would like to rotate the Sections 90* degrees with their individual cut plane bases as the axis. (See Image 2)
  2. I have done this before using a rotate axis component, but it does not seem to be working anymore.



Sections 14 Nov Rhino - HELP.3dm (6.3 MB)

Sections 14 Nov GH - (79.3 KB)

Would appreciate any solutions and many thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


you can check attached. Rotation is working, you just needed to graft input lines as axis. :slight_smile:

Maybe model need to be refined a bit. Some of the buildings are “floating”.

Sections 14 Nov GH - (52.4 KB)

Hi, Many thanks for the help! Yes it works better than before, but there are some small errors that show up, especially if you vary the number of section lines.

Some building outlines do merge with the surface outlines , which is what I wanted, but there are other buildings that are still disconnected even though they intersect and some of the section planes also do seem to go missing

  1. All section curves can be selected with the join component with few building outlines not intersecting or merging.


  2. And some of the section planes go missing with the boundary surface component


  3. And with the region union component.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Or is it happening just because of the quality of the 3D model?.

Ill try to play around with it and make sure all buildings touch or intersect the surface and check again. Thanks again