Issue Exporting Pdf with Transparent Objects

I have developed a number of in-house rhino 7 plugins over the years to assist with exporting drawing sets and landscape plans. Exports worked solidly in Rhino 6 but the introduction of transparency in R7 seems to have introduced some teething issues. While the addition of transparency is a great new development I think it’s worth sharing where I have encountered issues.


The file I am exporting/printing pdf from has a linked block definition (Linked, Active layers). The linked file (a 2d site survey with only lines and text) has layers with transparency applied through the layer plot colour setting.

Exporting via code similar to below encounters a problem:

FilePdf pdf = FilePdf.Create();
ViewCaptureSettings capture_settings = new ViewCaptureSettings(rpv, dpi);
pdf.AddPage(capture_settings); <<<<< This hangs seemingly indefinitely without error.

It is fairly trivial to work around this by making sure no objects in the linked file are transparent however longer term it would be good to resolve the print issue. As it is not technically a crashing error I can’t report it using the crash reporting tool.

Any advice would be much appreciated.