ISSUE: cannot enter value

the fields to enter values are grayed out

Untitled.3dm (149.8 KB)

Why would you like to enter a value? Are you maybe trying to use Active Connections?

following this video, but with friction trying to move the other two wheels

You’ll need to enter animation mode. Keyframes are set for the grayed out values the same as those on the timeline for position and rotation.

but on the video you’re not in that mode

Well, that video was made prior to change that allowed keyframes to be set. Before that the values were constants. We’re still in a WIP :wink:

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Well, then, if the Animate button is activating the Animation Mode and change values, what button should I use to actually start the animation?

Also, why every time I select a connection its type changes to “custom”?

Untitled1.3dm (3.1 MB)

Got it…