IsSmoothManifoldEdge function


I use IsSmoothManifoldEdge function for BrepEdge.
Description for this function is:
For a manifold, non-boundary edge, decides whether or not the two surfaces on either side
meet smoothly.

My question is whether this function detects G0, G1 or G2 discontinuity between surfaces or simply check angle between surface normals.

I need to check G0, G1 or G2 discontinuity between surfaces in BrepEdges. Can I use this function or is there any other function.

Hi @BiljanaN,

The function does what the comments say.

true if edge is manifold, has exactly 2 trims, and surface normals on either
side agree to within angle_tolerance.

The Rhino 7 WIP has a new EdgeContinuity tool. It works as an analysis mode, since there is no single answer for continuity between surfaces. You might give it a try.

– dale