Isovist3D - Failed to convert mesh to surface ERROR


I am facing an issue with the DecodingSpaces toolbox, Isovist3D component that is used to run a 3D isovist analysis on an urban area. I have created a brep of my obstacle surfaces and had to convert that brep into a mesh to feed it into the component, however I am running into this issue shown below.

Hope someone can help me out!
Thanks in advance! :smile:
Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 11.53.51 PM|690x291](upload://gyzyasAFCsn1HHfLwIJci4ytu3M.jpeg)

Hi welcome,

Try to upload your file along with screenshots next time. But this error seems to basic as per error message. You’re inputting Mesh instead of Surface so try to feed surface.


Thank you I will try! :slight_smile: