Isotrim Problem (Subsurface is invalid because the trimming U-domain is singular)


I am writing a script to divide a surface in an exact dimension & size, however, when I connected the domain into the isotrim box, it pops out this warning.

I have take a look on the old forum that people would suggest reparameterize the surface, but it didn’t work in my case.

Anyone have any idea?isotrim (9.7 KB)

Anyone could help?

Take a look at the attachment. Best.

isotrim (16.5 KB)


Hi Kim,

Thank you very much, I understand your approach and it’s totally work.
However, I do not understand why yours work but not mine, except the remap procedure ( I tried to add it in mine, not working as well). Could you give me some hints?

Of course you can do it without remapping and reparameterizing your initial referenced surface.
The problem is the U & V directions of your initial referenced surface.(The bottom left corner is not {0,0}, in your case, Upper right corner is {0,0})
So, as you’ve noticed, I’ve reconstructed your surface U & V directions first. Check the domain difference between your initial referenced surface and recreated one.
When if you’d like to divide your surface from left to right, bottom to top, using Isotrim, you should take into account of your surface directions first.
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isotrim (26.3 KB)