Isotrim Irregular surface?

I want to get some rectangular panels into the irregular surface, What method I have to use.
isotrim (11.2 KB)


there is no universal solution to this problem, because it highly depends on the shape and the pattern to map.
In your example you could simply project the curves and recreate the panels from the projected ones.
One general approach that Iā€™m slightly change is the following

  1. create at least 2 boundary curves,
  2. create tween curves, bake and adjust if necessary
  3. split tweens at intersection
  4. project/pull them onto the shape
  5. create panels from the projected curves
  6. adjust boundary curves (and repeat) unless you find an acceptable mapping

You can create dozens of derivations from this approach. Its not quite easy, but this is the difference between simple academic projects and real world problems :slight_smile:

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thank you! :slight_smile: