Isometric text


I would like to create an isometric text such as this one :

I know that I can set a camera as an isometric viewpoint but I can’t get the background text (blue in the image) and the extrusion (pink in the image) to remain horizontal.

How can I do that ?

Thank you

That’s not an isometric, that’s an axonometric (or “Cabinet Oblique”)… Probably the easiest way is to extrude the text solid a certain distance upward and then use Shear to shear it over at a an angle to create the illusion. --Mitch

Thank you for your reply !

That looks actually pretty much like the original text !

Is there a way to set the distance between the letters in Rhino ?

And how could I create the outlines as on the round letters (“S”, “O”, “R” and “C”) ?

Thank you !

hi armandi, i dont know any way to change the spacing i have no windows version around just now maybe there is a way but if its just a few letters make it manually if you cant find it.

for the shearing you can also explode the letters, mark the upper points in front or right view then shift and rejoin them as an alternative for a different maybe more controlled alternative, but shearing should do pretty fast to once you get the hang of it.

for the iso lines you tweak up the isocurves from all letters to 6, 7, 8 or more how you feel you will see the grid getting more dense if you cant find it it should be somewhere at the object properties.

then you make ExtractIsocurve chose the direction V and click extract all, this you have to do that with each surface manually.