IsolateLock display

The orignal IsolateLock script that Pascal created a few years ago would leave unselected geometry visible, locked, but greyed out. That was true whether the view was iso- or ortho- graphic. Although it couldn’t be selected, it was possible to snap to that greyed-out geometry, allowing one to create new items that referenced it. Also, that greyed-out geometery didn’t obstruct one’s view of the unlocked items.

I’m trying both the native Rhino IsolateLock command and Pascal’s script in V8 now and I’m not seeing this behaviour any longer. All I see is the Isolated geometry (as selected when calling the command) and then points, which are locked. I don’t have any selection filters enabled.

Is it possible to get the old behaviour back, by changing settings somewhere?

Hi Matt - see if SnapToLocked helps.