Isolate object


Was wondering if there is a tool that allows me to turn off all objects except the item I am working on. And then turn them back on again without altering which layers were off at the beginning. Thanks.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello- you can use the Isolate Objects script here:



Great! I can load up the script just fine. However I don’t know how to use scripts and can not find anything on scripts. Is there a better manual than the pdf titled Rhino 5 User’s Guide. Also, when I tried the built in help inside of Rhino it is just focused on commands. I am pining for the days when I could look up something in Rhino in the PDF manual and figure it out without having to ask online. Thanks.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Once the script is loaded at startup, just use ‘Isolate’ as a command- it is an alias that runs the script- any luck?



Yep, there it works now. Just what I wanted. Now to make it into a tool.