Isolate object

Was wondering if there is a tool that allows me to turn off all objects except the item I am working on. And then turn them back on again without altering which layers were off at the beginning. Thanks.

Hello- you can use the Isolate Objects script here:


Great! I can load up the script just fine. However I don’t know how to use scripts and can not find anything on scripts. Is there a better manual than the pdf titled Rhino 5 User’s Guide. Also, when I tried the built in help inside of Rhino it is just focused on commands. I am pining for the days when I could look up something in Rhino in the PDF manual and figure it out without having to ask online. Thanks.

Once the script is loaded at startup, just use ‘Isolate’ as a command- it is an alias that runs the script- any luck?


Yep, there it works now. Just what I wanted. Now to make it into a tool.