Isolate keeps locked objects visible

saw this from years ago. did it get lost in the shuffle? thanks.

after some internal debate, the decision appears to be locked items are strictly locked, and as such cannot be affected in any way.

fair enough. thank you for the reply.

that’s a half-good decision. I think it would be great of we can have a display tab toggle that hide locked objects. But I can see that could open a can of worms of support calls: “Hi John, all my locked objects are gone, please help me!!!”

Maybe we need a section of experts-only plugins and tools. Stuff is too useful not too have, yet too dangerous for users who do know know about them.


the simple answer would be to put items you want locked on a layer and lock or unlock/ hide/unhide that as needed (which is super easy to do) .

That way is does not complicate the anvil simple lock/unlock system currently in place.

Hi -

No, this did not get lost in the shuffle - that item is still open and on the Future list.
Currently, an object is either normal, locked, or hidden. For Isolate to be able to hide locked objects and then Unisolate to be able to show that object again as locked, additional information needs to be stored on all objects. This is not something that the current (RH7) file format is designed for and that’s why it’s on the Future list.

Hi @wim, I think the current approach of normal, lock, hidden might need to evolve a bit in the future to give us more capability.

I think we should consider objects to be:

Referenced (from a different file, part of a worksession)

Each of those should be able to be:
Hidden (of course you can’t hide locked object by picking them, but you could use Hide/Show all locked) …same for hide/show all referenced.

I also think object need to have custom attributes in V8:

  1. custom meshing (including LOD:
  2. faceted/smooth (for SubD)
  3. Snappable/Non-snappable (this is overdue IMO)
  4. Renderable/Non-renderable (different than visible, a non-renderable object will be visible in viewports, yet hidden in. rendered view and Rhino/Plugin rendering output)
  5. Clippable/Non-clipabble (each object should be able to be included/excluded in each available clipping plane in the file)
  6. Custom display mode (this should be per object, not per viewport IMO, viewports are too ephemeral (am I the only one that has 3 ‘Perspective’ viewports in my file sometimes?)

I want to see this on the first V8 WIP or I’m not playing :rofl::crazy_face: