Isolate, hide per view

Is there a way isolate and hide commands or even layer visibility applied only in a specific viewport and not global?

Hello - No, there is not.


Hi Ar00302,

Layer visibility is available per details.
Make sure the details is active and that you are looking at all or the Detail layer setting.

You can also turn off a layer in all other details, but the active one. This only applies to Rhino 6 Windows,

Here is a an extensive tutorial on Layouts done with Rhino 5. It still applies to Rhino 6 Windows.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Isolate per viewport would be very helpful. The layout solution you propose is technically viable, and I do want to thank you for this. But one key for me is speed. I want to be able to do this without having to set up a special layer. Hope this can show up in the WIP soon.

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Here is my alias - ISD ( ISolate in Detail)
First, select what You want to isolate, then type ISD.
'_Invert _HideInDetail _SelNone _Zoom _Extents

Hi Abraham,
In addition, CadMaster’s marco and these commands HideInDetail, ShowInDetail and ShowSelectedInDetail will work in a Layout detail only. It will not work in a model viewport, like Top, Front … This is by design.
So as long as you are in a Layout detail, the CadMaster’s macro will work.

Mary Ann Fugier

I think these are features you should consider to add to the new version. These are very helpful in more complicated designs.

Thanks @cadmaster, much appreciated!

Thanks again for your suggestions. I’ve spent some time the past couple days looking at using Layouts as an alternate view to add to my modeling environment. Previously I’ve used it only for 2d drafting, Interesting. But I still hope isolate per view in model space will show up in the WIP soon. In complicated models this would be very helpful.