IsoCurves on Elevations/Sections?

Va is rendering lines where there are no edges on the casings and baseboard intersections on this model. Can this be prevented? It’s in the file connected with my most recent previous post.

Hi David,

In the model you sent there are no such geometries around the windows and doors.
However if they are polysurfaces like the baseboard just select them and run MergeAllFaces.
If it doesn’t work try to make them again with Sweep1.

Kind regards

I uploaded two versions of the model. The most recent one has mouldings. I will make sure you have a link to it.

I can get shaded persective views to show as your example does.

I cannot get elevations in VaSectionViews of swept mouldings to display without certain of the isocurvesrendered on them no matter if the sweeping has been free-form or road-like and whether the result is open or closed polysurfaces, pure shapes or convoluted ones. Also, very occasionally some edges aren’t depicted.

The below shows these anomalies:

Can you or someone else at Va help me here, Ramon? The missing edge example (the below image above) doesn’t happen very often, but the representation of lines where there are no edges (the upper example) is consistent and in elevation it looks like a different design than the one modelled. I have uploaded the current project where this is an issue in all the Va-generated sections/elevations.

I think this is a Rhino issue because it’s present in all ortho views, not just those in VaSectionViews, I’ve posted about it here: