Is this the Heteroptera plugin bug?

Hi everyone.
Today I have a problem with the “Quick Baker” component by Heteroptera plugin.

When I set “Quick Baker” component to „Group branch” and click „Bake!” The geometry baked well, but the grasshopper canvas is frozen.
It means, I can zoom in/out canvas but I can’t move view of canvas with right mouse button and all components are frozen (they don’t react when I click on them).
I checked already that it can be bypassed by setting “temporary bake” first, and then set “Group Branch”.
Then everything is fine but it’s more complicated and time consuming.

Am I doing something wrong, is there is something wrong with the geometry or is this a Heteroptery plugin bug?
From what I can see, the problem occurs when the list has many items.


Ask (860.5 KB)


Me too having the same problem. Any solution you got?