Is this some kind of trolling?


Hi Gustavo - what does the command line say, after the Boolean- anything about errors?


I didn’t catch anything. this thing just showed up there. it was a few minutes ago. Lots of steps after that now.

You should be able to select the dot and see its secondary text in the properties dialog. My guess is that is says there was a surface intersection error. If you call intersect, you will probably see an intersection curve ending in space at that dot.

oooh, this is very cool! I missed it this time, I deleted it. But don’t you worry Chuck, I’ll generate more exclamative geometry real soon!


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These should also show up and tell you when the intersection hit a naked or non-manifold edge. I hope we will improve the dot. Right now it’s just a black text dot with a “!”.

another reason we should support emojis. Then we can think of which ones to use for different errors:
:scream: bad surface
:fork_and_knife: self-intersection
:sushi: naked edges
:telephone_receiver: sloppy input, stop phoning it in.

…you get the idea.


I like it!