Is this possibly created using Rhino?

Let’s just assume there are post-production in photoshop to cut the lines along the drawing etc. Which I am sure there is.

Is this possible to be modelled from Rhino? Also, the Tree… Did he even modelled that tree? Coz it literally doesnt look like it was a post-production tree. Looks straight out of the modelling software. Any input?

The vegetation is all stock models you can find or buy, which were either generated by-hand or purpose-made software.

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Hi @izumi_aiko
I’m not a big enough nerd to be able to tell, if this is Rhino, V-ray, Keyshot or some other software, but it’s quite possible to get something similar from Rhino. Depending on the desired end result, take a look at Make2d (Which will give you actual lines/curves) or the display mode called Technical (which will give you a bitmap if you use ViewCaptureToFile). The tree and other plants (if this is Rhino) are likely imported models, either from another piece of software or bought/downloaded for free online. Take a look at - there’s lots and lots of different trees, plants (and a lot of other things) to download. Usually these files are *.obj files or similar mesh format, but just use import to bring them into your scene. Note that often the scale is way off, so you might need to scale the imported object(s) to make them fit.
HTH, Jakob

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quick guess: vray line render using a toon material override. Just rendered out a quick comparison from a current project…


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