Is this patchable?

So I build historic sailing ships in Rhino to use with tabletop games… I have one with a serious problem i’d love to get some advice on.

The subject is HMS Ontario and the goal is to create a 3D printable file. I initially had a serious issue getting the bulkhead rail to union to the hull. I finally got it to go only to find out the bulkhead if a bit too thin to print properly.

I wanted to extrude a thicker rail and union it back on, when i discovered seemingly nothing would union to my model at all any longer. After much colorfull langauge and trial and error i found my problem. The union of the rail had created a set of naked edges on the inside of the bulkhed where it joins the hull, thus creating a hole.

I can’t seem to patch this… i’ve tried creating a surface from the edge curves but there are more then 4 edges and one of the edge lines is literally split in the middle. I’ve tried patching it with the join edges, no dice… In short I’m out of ideas how to patch this…

I wouldn’t think about it like trying to patch the hole, but rather repairing the trim. I would extractSrf the surfaces with naked edges, untrim them, and intersect / trim so they match.


It looks the other side is good. Why not split the model down the middle then mirror it?

sadly there is a matching hole on the other side , the model is symmetrical

Well then, you have a lot of untrimming and trimming to do. We’ve all been there.

Maybe you can try sweep 2 rails,
using the two long edges as rails and the two verticals at both ends as cross sections

Doesn’t look too difficult if you upload the file I could help you.

i did try a sweep… the problem is the one edge is broken up… I even tried adding some frame lines to the hole to assist with patching

Yeah well in the pictures it’s hard to tell,

But if you mean by broken up, that the rail is made up of several edges so when you try to select it

the selection doesn’t go all a long the edge, maybe you can try the MergeAllEdges command,

this way the edge will be continuous.

hmm good tip… thanks

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You could try duplicate edge the join the curves then sweep2
or you can duplicate all edges join them up,
make a point somewhere and do loft to make a surface, though it probably won’t be so clean…