Is this a bug?

Rhino can’t calculate “Area” for this simple polyline.
Is this a bug or something else?

unable to calc area.3dm (53.0 KB) ?

Looks like it… very odd. Can you describe how you made it? I tried a bunch of the “usual suspects” and nothing worked to fix your object. If I trace a simple rectangle over it, that calculates.

Ah, it’s not 100% planar - if you use ProjectToCPlane, it will then work correctly.

Although _PlanarSrf Succeeds, so Rhino thinks in some cases this Polyline is planar :thinking:

Although I extract it from a “planar” surface from witch area could be taken.
Well…guess that has something to do with tolerances and stuff
Sorry…jumped to soon on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, this is typical, depending on who wrote the command, the tolerance is different. Area probably uses the TryGetPlane() method without a tolerance argument, which defaults to 1e-12 tolerance…


The same method also accepts an optional tolerance as overload.

I filed a bug report…