Is there way to Use partial text from text field

hi there,
is there way to use partial text from text fields.
I want to use second word from object layer name for my layout text tagging.

Text field.3dm (235.3 KB)

It will be a enhancement in text field if possibly some one tell how to do it.

thanks in advance.


Hi Ranjit - that would be a pretty specialized enhancement to text fields - I would not expect it anytime soon. One could easily make a script to extract this from the object layer but it would not be ‘live’ - if the object changed layers then the script would need to be run again to update the text, if I am lseeing what you want clearly.


make grasshopper script to do it and write it as key value and then call that value within text field

Text fields are evaluated as python expressions. You should be able to do this with