Is there something similar to Shapediver as an app to email clients to input dimensions?

I’m wondering if there is something which works like Shapediver, but I could email the app to clients so they can input the dimensions and email the results back?

The exact thing I’m looking for is for them to measure a simple ‘squared’ shape with triangulating X for windows and doorways etc… creating an X box set of dimensions.

Clients have difficulty understanding why I need both triangulations, but they’re my indication that they’ve measured the space properly if it’s slightly skewed and shows the mis measure distance on one of the triangulations, and I’m thinking an app could make it obvious and save me explaining it regularly.

You can do that with ShapeDiver, typically using the ShapeDiverExportEmail component, or with the API building an app around your ShapeDiver model. Here is an example of designer who lets users define parameters and send the parameter set as well as 3d files for quotation:

That’s great news! Thanks!