Is there circle by length command?


Is there circle by length command?
Easy to calculate, just askin if there is command somewhere…

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i have the feeling that was not possible at some point before, there still is the CircleFromLength python script in the python samples folder

Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Been there since Rhino 5 at least, that’s as far back as I can check…

maybe, but why would the python script which does nothing more than the regular circle command still be lingering then… i faintly remember when i learned rhino 4 that it might not have been possible. maybe time to clean up the python samples :man_shrugging:

Well, mostly the purpose of the samples is to teach people how to code, and start rather simply. There are lots of other samples that do exactly the same thing as Rhino native commands…

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Where would I find the python sample folder please?

Plus the rhinoscriptsyntax help has small sample scriptlets for each method.

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i would believe that code should be motivating to reach out for, what is the motivation in trying to recreate existing functions.

thats why i assume that some of these scripts are just residual intentions

Of course you’re entitled to your beliefs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Recreating a simple existing function via script is a good building block for a beginner IMO. So the existence of these samples doesn’t bother me at all.

That being said, the Rhino.Python (rhinoscriptsyntax) section of the samples page is pretty short… Could benefit from a lot more entries, and of course some more complex code samples. Compare the RhinoCommon sample section which has over 100 samples while the rhinoscriptsyntax section has less than 20.

OTOH there is lots more rhinoscriptsyntax info elsewhere, but it is a bit scattered about in various guides and other pages.

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Thank you for the links, indeed for me looking at examples of code that works is the best way for me to learn