Is there anyway to override the default OpenGL pipeline to achieve some custome GL such as SSAO?

Hi everyone!
Is there anyway (rhinocommon, rhinoscript etc.) to override the default OpenGL pipeline in Rhino, so as to make some custome GL operation such as SSAO?
I intended to create a fast and real display mode using some kind of advanced GPU algorithm, but I can not find the proper way to begin with.
Thank you very much!

@stevebaer, can you comment on what’s possible?

The only way in Rhino 5 to do something as extensive as SSAO would be to use the C++ SDK and write a custom display engine. This is a ton of work to put it lightly. You would need to subclass CRhinoDisplayEngine_OGL and CRhinoDisplayPipeline_OGL to start with in C++.

Can you explain a little more about what the goal is that you are trying to achieve?

Thank you very much! That really helps.
My goal is create a realtime display mode suitable for architecture design and display.

Have you downloaded the WIP for the upcoming version of rhino? There is some SSAO in the rendered display mode as well as an ‘arctic’ mode.

No, not yet.
Thank you for the information! I will check this effect.